My dreams are made of voices

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The sensation of getting lost

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It's silly to close all shutters just waiting for the night to come

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This is part of another story that we might never tell

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What is blind walk?
How does it work?

Ottonella Mocellin e Nicola Pellegrini
with Santo Graziano and Peppino Re

Blind Walk

Manifesta 12 Palermo, Collateral Events. 16.06.18 - 4.11.18

Preview 14 - 17.06.18
11.00 - 19.00
Opening Friday 15.06.18 between 17.00 - 19.00
with the precious help of Lia Rumma Gallery Milan/Naples

Blind walk (the denied city) is a sound walk that tells the story of Santo and Peppino, two friends blind from birth and therefore lacking a visual memory of the world.
Guiding us on a journey through darkness, Santo and Peppino offer us two special points of view that help us reflect on the knowledge of the world and the awareness of ourselves.
Talking about their lives, their way of dreaming, remembering and perceiving, Santo and Peppino reveal a personal and unconventional Palermo, where memories of university life and political struggle overlap with everyday experience; where the perception of art mixes with that of the night and where, above all, the problem of the absence of sight is resolves in the presence of a wealth of signals and codes through which it is possible to understand the world surrounding us.
A dear and old blind friend has since many years very good guide dog, who also has lost his sight, so now they guide each other is the title of the second part of the project which consists of a series of guided tours to Manifesta held by blinds.The intent is both to provide a better usability of the exhibition to other blind people (who generally do not find an appropriate reception in exhibitions like this) and to offer to all visitors a non-canonical reading of the exhibited works.
The visits will take place on pre-established days.

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We would like to thank: Elena Agudio, Sara Ceroni, Gaia Gozzano, Livia Polidoro, Paola Potena, Andrea Reni, Andrea Sassi and Paola Strippoli.

How does it work?

Blind walk is a story to listen to while strolling along a path.
In order to download and listen to the sound tracks, you need to approach the path marked on the map until the button with the chapter title will pop up. Just click on the button to download the file.
The starting point is in Piazza Magione opposite Teatro Garibaldi. Follow the path and the buttons for the other chapters will automatically pop up.
The walk takes about 20 minutes and is divided into four chapters.
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